Types of Gaming

Boardwalk Gaming offers a variety of gaming options for your enjoyment. New to Boardwalk Gaming? Simply ask one of our Customer Service Representatives for assistance and they will direct you in choosing the best gaming option for you.


Electronic Bingo

ElectronicBingoAt Boardwalk Gaming, you can enjoy bingo two ways. Electronic bingo is played on a computer screen that is electronically connected to the bingo caller’s system. Once a bingo number has been called by the caller, it shows up automatically on your electronic bingo screen and if your bingo card has the number called, your computer system automatically dabs the numbered area for you. You can play up to 12 cards or 36 faces on an electronic bingo game.

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Paper Bingo

PaperBingoThe second form of bingo play is regular paper bingo. Once the caller has identified the bingo number called, you will use a bingo dabber and dab the numbers called as you hear them. You can play as many paper bingo cards as you are capable of dabbing manually.

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TapTix Gaming Machines

TapTixGamingTapTix Machines are an electronic way to have fun with a chance to win plenty of prizes . TapTix gaming is an electronic twist on break open tickets with many chances to win cash. TapTix gaming is great for large groups, office parties or single person play.

New TapTix Progressive is Here! More options and more chances to win!

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Play On Demand Gaming (POD)

PlayOnDemandGamingPlay On Demand (POD) Games are electronic games you can play independently, in between sessions, at intermission, or even during live Bingo games. They’re a fun and easy way to play your games, your way, anytime.

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Pocket Slots

Pocket SlotsPocket Slots are auxiliary games played alongside your regular Bingo games offering you additional chances to WIN. Each ticket is sold for $1.00. Pocket Slots have an INSTANT WIN structure with the various prize amounts listed on the back of each Pocket Slot.

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Upik8 is a fun and simple game that gives you the opportunity to have numbers quickly picked for you – Quick Pick or You Pick your own numbers.
This Bingo style game has 8 numbers that appear on a 3×3 card which you can play on paper or electronically.
Number selection for each column:
• 1-25 first column • 26-50 second column
• 51-75 third column
To win you must match all 8 numbers called by the Bingo Caller.